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Public Speaking


Hypnosis can help to create self-confidence and self-belief. Anyone who is in a job which requires speaking in public and feels anxious or self-conscious at the thought of doing so, can be helped with a combination of hypnosis and NLP.


If you have a job which requires talking at meetings and voicing your opinions, or you work in sales and are nervous when you have to talk about your product or services, then this can help.


If you have a future social event, for example, you are the Father of the Bride, or the Best Man and you are nervous about making a speech on this important day, then hypnosis can help.


There are a lot of personal benefits to mastering self-confidence in public speaking. It will help you to:


Speak more fluidly

Have more spontaneity

Allow yourself to develop more resources when dealing with awkward or difficult questions

Be more entertaining

Be more relaxed prior to the talk/presentation

Appear more confident in front of your friends and colleagues

Be more assertive and stand up for yourself, allowing yourself to voice your own opinion

Overcome blushing

Own the space, work the room, manage the floor


I have over twenty five years of acting experience playing theatres large and small throughout the U.K. This gives me a wealth of personal experience and practical knowledge which will help you to overcome your fears, any first night nerves and stage fright and help you to control and master whatever environment you might face. I can help make positive and lasting changes to how you face and overcome public speaking and performance anxiety.