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Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s having studied outstanding therapists in how they reached their levels of excellence. They discovered a number of processes which they created into an accessible model to enhance communication and help personal change/development. They wanted to discover how people excel and particularly manage change.


NLP can be used very effectively in business, creating better communication and understanding and for those whose work requires them to give presentations and speak in public. It can also be used in arbitration and conflict management.


It can be used for personal development and psychotherapy, to help change negative beliefs and transform unhelpful thinking patterns. It can help with fears and phobias and give you more choices to effect positive change.


NLP studies the way you react and perceive the world, the language you use to communicate your needs, your personal perceptions, the values and beliefs you hold.   It is the study of excellence combined with subjective experience. It allows you to adopt and develop the skill set of successful people and as a model it can be applied to a wide range of business concerns, communication and personal development needs.


It will help you to:

Increase your repertoire of excellence

Develop greater rapport

Filter and understand information differently

Transfer skills and resources

Understand your similarities and differences


As they say in the NLP world, the person who has the widest choice of what to do, the greatest flexibility of behaviour, will be in control of the situation.