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What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which a person is highly responsive to receiving positive suggestions and direction and reprogramming unwanted negative beliefs, irrational stress and suppressed emotions.


Is Hypnosis just a different word for sleep?


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state where the mind becomes sharply focused and alert. The state of deep sleep is a myth that stage hypnotists encourage purely for entertainment. It occurs frequently in everyday life for example, when we can become totally absorbed in a film or a book or find we have driven a familiar car journey on auto-pilot without any recollection of it until we have arrived at our destination.


Is Hypnotherapy a surrendering of control or will to the Hypnotist?


No, you can never be made to do anything against your will. The hypnotist offers suggestions and you have the power to accept or reject them according to your own wishes. It is the client’s decision to have hypnosis in the first place and it is their desire to achieve a specific change that makes them ready to accept a suggestion that has been offered by the hypnotist to help them achieve this change.


I won’t remember anything about what has happened?


The client will remember as much or little of the session as they want to recall. Everything that the hypnotist says and suggests is heard either consciously or subconsciously and the client acts on it, or remembers how much of it that they feel is important or relevant to them.


What happens if I get stuck in Hypnosis?


This does not take into account the mutual responsibility that needs to exist between the hypnotist and client and the fact that it is the client who is control and free to accept or reject suggestions.


Under Hypnosis we will lose all sense of time?


This is true. Many clients lose all sense of time and believe that the time passed is a much shorter period than the real time that has elapsed. It is referred to as time distortion. Put simply, time flies when we are having fun and when we are clock watching, time drags.


Will the Hypnotist make me do or say something that I don’t want to happen?


Stage hypnotism is all about entertainment, it is nothing to do with therapy. The stage hypnotist uses tried and tested techniques on ‘volunteers’ who wish to comply and want to be extrovert. One popular stage suggestion is that the audience clasp their hands tightly and imagine that their hands have become glued together. The suggestion is then given that they cannot separate their hands. The audience members who find that they cannot do so, want to be the stage volunteers and have given themselves the permission to comply with the hypnotist’s suggestion. In clinical hypnotism, the client has total control and will accept or reject the suggestions given according to their own wishes.