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Weight Loss


Do you want to cut out certain foods, junk food, processed foods, and sweet foods? Hypnosis offers solutions

that helps change your unhealthy eating habits.

There are many issues with weight control. Many have tried diets and had only short term gains. Hypnotherapy can help you change how you feel towards food and transform negative beliefs and habits helping you to become slimmer, healthier, giving you the power to reduce and manage your weight.

The more control you have over your food choices, the more confidence you will have. As your motivation for change increases, the more positive you will feel about your self-image.





Many people have phobias and fears that can control and restrict their lives. They can be quite commonplace,

like a specific object or event, like spiders, heights or flying…or they can be quite personal like buttons or clowns. Whatever they are, the beliefs surrounding them can be extremely distressing.

Hypnosis can help you overcome your fear using a gradual systemic scale. This step by step process incorporates an effective relaxation technique which helps you to increase your self-control over your fear in a calm and rational manner.




We all experience stresses in our lives but we all deal and cope with them in different ways. Stress and anxiety can be crippling and lead to a severely restricted life where we avoid putting ourselves in situations that we fear can be stressful.

Stress can be experienced when facing examinations, job interviews, driving tests, giving wedding speeches, giving work presentations, public speaking, or the fear of coping with new and unknown situations like medical

or dental procedures/examinations or bereavement.

Symptoms can vary but can include a racing heart, tight chest, feeling sweaty, breathlessness, insomnia, over-sleeping, lethargy, negative thoughts and beliefs, anger and frustration. It can lead to depression and may

require medical management.

Hypnosis can help by promoting relaxation techniques, creating positive visualisation to boost confidence and helping to overcome negative and unhelpful thought patterns and beliefs.




Statistically one in four people in their life will suffer from a mental health problem. Depression is a common but often unspoken form of mental illness for many people. Medical advice should be sought to obtain a professional diagnosis and help is best achieved as part of a multi-disciplinary team. There are many causes or triggers for depression and they can range from experience of chronic (long term) stress and illness to a specific event or circumstance. For many people it acts as a brake being put on their life as they struggle to function with everyday

activities, or cope with it through many different destructive or unhelpful means.

Hypnosis can help rebuild self-confidence and belief, teaching relaxation and coping strategies and helping to reframe unwanted and negative thinking patterns.




Confidence is a state of mind. Certain strategies can help you boost your confidence in simple and achievable ways. These include positive visualisation to promote positive thinking. Training and practise in these techniques helps you to re-train your brain into adopting these new patterns of behaviour.

Promoting relaxation and wellbeing using hypnotherapy can help create a positive self-image, building self-esteem and confidence in your own skills and abilities.

Lack of confidence can manifest itself in certain ways which include fear of criticism, fear of change and the unknown, poor self-image – being unhappy with personal appearance and abilities, feeling under-prepared or under-rehearsed, feeling incapable, or feeling you don’t have the skills to learn or have enough knowledge.

You should always seek medical advice if a long term lack of confidence becomes severe enough to lead to

chronic stress or depression.




Pain should not be ignored and you should always seek advice from your GP or Family Doctor before undergoing any alternative treatment. It is not suggested that pain should be totally removed using hypnotherapy. Pain can be an important warning of a more serious underlying medical condition. Hypnotherapy can be used however, to lessen the thought and fear of pain. The expectation of pain and our attitude towards it, can be as difficult to live with as the physical sensation of pain itself. Pain is totally personal and everyone has their own threshold and ways of coping with it. Hypnotherapy can help to create an individually tailored strategy towards dealing with pain or discomfort.


Fear of Flying


The fear of flying effects countless people the world over. It can limit your life quite profoundly, as your fear prevents you from holidaying or working abroad, or perhaps visiting loved ones who have moved overseas.

Many people replay their own disaster movie in their head as they feel helpless and out of control. Whatever end result you are imagining, the fear can restrict your life choices. Hypnosis can help you step on that plane and broaden your horizons.




IBS is a condition characterised by abdominal pain or discomfort. Sufferers from it may experience constipation, diarrhoea, discomfort making bowel movements and also bloating in the stomach. Medical advice must be sought from a General Practitioner (G.P.) to rule out any potential serious underlying problem before hypnotherapy for IBS is undertaken.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.) have produced guidelines which suggest that those suffering from IBS should try to have more quality, stress-free time for themselves. This can be enhanced by the relaxation techniques suggested by hypnotherapy.

NICE suggest that hypnotherapy, along with other psychological therapies and cognitive behavioural therapy (C.B.T.) should be considered by those sufferers since IBS does not seem to respond to medication. (NICE Guidance CG61, 2015)


Smoking Cessation


So many smokers wish they’d never even started. It is now perceived as an anti-social and unhealthy habit.

Giving up smoking can be difficult but hypnotherapy can be used to boost your motivation and willpower. It can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation to help you overcome your cravings for Nicotine and put you on the road to being smoke free.


Sports Performance


Confidence is all in the mind. Top sportsmen mentally rehearse their game and visualise their performance. Practise which creates muscle memory, along with mental rehearsal, is the difference between success and failure, improvement and loss of self-belief. Whether you are suffering from the golfers’ “yips” or lack of focus

and control, hypnosis can help you to relax and regain that lost form.