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Lose Weight in 2017!

By Drew Rhys Williams, Dec 31 2016 06:04PM

Fed up with dieting, only to pile the pounds back on, want to make a real change, hypnotherapy can help…

Let’s make no bones about it, losing weight is something that a lot of people would like to do. After the recent festive indulgencies of the holiday period, it is something that many would like to put into progress in the New Year.

However, sometimes even the thought of dieting, or cutting down, making changes to our eating and drinking habits are uncomfortable and frightening. Frequently because we are worried that if we announce what we want to do and we do not achieve it, then we will be considered a failure by our family and friends and this becomes our excuse for NOT doing anything in the first place.

But to quote a cliché here, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” What exactly does this mean? – well, a long term plan, a long term change or alteration just does not happen overnight. It happens over time.

My suggestion would be to take small steps. A few years ago I took on an allotment and the advice that I was given by an old allotment faithful was not to try and achieve everything at once: just dig up some weeds, clear the soil and plant some seeds. And then when you have done this and seen some success then take on the next bit of allotment. If you try and do it all in one go, it can be too difficult because it requires a lot of effort and you do not see the results at first and you will become downhearted before you can achieve any success. So it’s better to concentrate on a small area, deal with that, see the results coming and then feeling happier with the results coming in, then start on the next bit and so on and so on.

Motivation is essential when trying to lose weight and we all know that small steps forward equals long term results. Hypnotherapy can help you change how you feel towards food and transform negative beliefs and habits helping you to become slimmer, healthier, giving you the power to reduce and manage your weight. And over time all of these efforts are achievable because they are gradual, they are not so black and white. Small steps forward are possible because they are precisely bite sized and achievable.

So now we know Rome is not built in a day but over time. And this is the same with weight loss. If you are worried that you cannot do it or it will be too hard, then hypnosis can help you take that small step forward. Within a short amount of time, if you are faithful to what you have set out to achieve, then with your desire for long term change, you will begin to see those results come in and become successful.

It is totally within your power to achieve what you want to achieve if you set yourself realistic goals and stick to them. Hypnotherapy can help to boost your confidence and self-esteem. Soon the small steps forward that you make, will help you feel more positive about yourself as you begin to manage your eating habits and weight loss more successfully.

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