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Long lasting change is definitely possible!

By Drew Rhys Williams, Feb 22 2017 12:31PM

Why is it so difficult to make a change in behaviour? Is the habit of a lifetime just too hard to break? There are often things that we would like to achieve, ranging from little tweaks here and there, to major system overhauls and yet we find ourselves stuck and unable to make the changes and alterations that we believe we need. We often make a determination to see something through but we don’t have the motivation to carry it out. We have lots of good intentions but life sometimes gets in the way. The first important and positive step forward is to admit to ourselves that we want to make a change. The next important thing is to galvanise ourselves to create the willpower and strength to carry it out. This is the frequently the long awaited wake-up call that we are looking for. The first thing is to understand we have a problem or issue, the second thing is to find a strategy or to seek help in order to carry it out. This is a place where hypnotherapy and NLP. can help. Hypnosis can offer a very powerful means to boost your confidence and self-esteem. It offers suggestions that are working in collaboration with your innermost desires and needs and operates on a conscious but also unconscious level.

I think a major motivational obstacle is fear of the unknown, the practicalities of altering behaviour are uncomfortably out of our collective comfort zones. It can be dominated in part by fear of failure and because we are frightened to fail we refuse to try. This is important and so I am going to repeat it, because we are frightened to fail we refuse to try. We are often afraid what our friends and family will think or believe about us. This is understandably a major issue because who wants to try to make a major change only to be rewarded with unhelpful comments or criticism? It is easier not to do anything rather than try to make a change and face lots of negativity. And so it really is understandable that change is hard to achieve. This is again an area where hypnotherapy and NLP can help to boost confidence, to anchor positive states and to help rid ourselves of unwanted and unhelpful past beliefs that we are holding on to.

One very simple solution to achieving change is to use an effective NLP exercise and so if you are feeling stuck and do not know which way to turn then simply ask the four following questions:

What would happen if I did?

What would happen if I didn’t?

What wouldn’t happen if I did?

What wouldn’t happen if I didn’t?

For instance, if you are dissatisfied with your job and want a change but are afraid to do so, then apply this desire to change your job to the four questions and be totally honest in your answers. What would happen if you did apply for a new job? What would happen if you did not apply for that new job? What would not happen if you did apply for that new job? And what would not happen if you did not apply for that new job?

At first these questions may not appear to be straight forward, but if you are willing to think them through and apply them, then they allow you to see any issue from a new perspective. Sometimes this new perspective is all that you need to create and achieve change. This is just one simple NLP strategy and there are many more available and along with the positive suggestions and confidence boosting techniques that I can offer you at long lasting change is definitely possible!

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